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Reviews from Exploring Dementia!

"Breakthrough Performers"



Reviews from Hot Pants, Cold Feet

"Hip and Zippy One-Liners Fly Thick and Fast"

- LA Weekly 


Reviews for Daddy Didn't Die, Did He?


"Do not put be put off by a terrible title- this show is hilarious from start to finish. I repeat- laugh out loud from beginning to end. Two performers play a multitude of characters with such precision and skill that you often know who’s who based on physicality alone. The characters are so funny and well-realized, the story so snappy (and sometimes sweet)- it is easy to believe the actors have worked as a successful comedy team for 12 years. Ace direction, too. This is one to see."

- Ian Federgreen


'This show was hilarious! It was witty and engaging, I loved the staging and versatility of the two performers. They seamlessly and effortlessly transformed into numerous characters throughout. It was very well written, directed, and performed. Can’t wait to see more from these guys! GO!'

-Lis Vizcarra 

Four Clowns


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